Resinsazan was first founded in 1995, located in Boroujerd, Lorestan. Currently, as one of the leading Iranian companies in manufacturing of water-based resins, our product portfolio includes regular and tailor-made Vinyl Acetate emulsion polymers and Acrylic emulsion polymers.

Our customers chiefly belong to the Paint, Construction, Roof Coating, Flooring, Carpet, Non-Woven, Print, Wood Adhesive and Packaging Industries.

Our product's range expands constantly by intensive research and development work, considering customer's need. We are completely focused on quality improved products, development of new products tailored for specific use of customers, cost optimization and constantly updating with the latest scientific discoveries as well as innovative manufacturing methods worldwide.

Today, producing new products and intensive cooperation with customers during comprehensive advises and technical services, can lead our customers to an eligible competition.

Additionally we serve our customers with an appropriate after sale service. Our skilled Customer Service Team can assist each customer in application, to assure their satisfaction and to supply their requirements.